The Photo shoot - Larissa Garcia

The Photo shoot

Photo sessions vary from a half hour to an hour depending on your needs.  We will meet at the selected location at the scheduled time, go over any special photo requests or needs you have, and then get shooting! We will try various looks, backgrounds, and walk around our location to get new perspectives. I try to keep things as relaxed and as light as possible. My goal (and mantra)  is to capture you at your best moments. So breathe, and have a good time. I'm happy to accommodate any fun posing ideas you have or looks you want to try.

At the end of the session, I’ll answer any last questions and then we’re all finished! The following are a couple tid bits of information that can make your photo experience more enjoyable.

Please remember the weather. If it is hot, you may want to bring a water bottle; cold, maybe a jacket or some tea between shots.

If you are planning a clothing change, remember that it may need to be done in the car.  

After the Photo shoot

Step One

Immediately following our shoot I will upload all your photos to a private link on my website. Afterwards I will email you the link and password so you can go through all the photos and pick your favorites (or what I call "the keepers"). Feel free to send the link and password to others for second opinions if you need help deciding. Once you've decided, email me which photos and then we move to...

Step two

The editing process. Here I collect the photos you have chosen and make some basic edits. Afterwards I send you a new link containing only these edited photos for the final look. From here if there are any other adjustments that need to be made just let me know.  No need to worry, I'm great with communication so I'll keep you in the loop during the editing. Otherwise, your photos are done and will be sent to you immediately. This process typically takes about week depending on your needs and my work schedule. 

Quick Recap

Once you have the images, pick out your favorites. Additional edits may take place based on the favorites you choose. Once complete, I'll deliver everything to you digitally. That's it! Referrals. The greatest compliment you can give is to tell your friends and family about me or to book another shoot. I've had many repeat clients  and a long-standing relationship is my goal. Writing a Review on my Facebook page is also greatly appreciated.

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